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9 Ferrets from the shelter have been placed in forever homes since the shelter started in May of 2002.

Mr. Man

Mr. Man - Mr. Man and Lola were surrendered together at the LA/SPCA in April 2002. They were subsequently adopted and brought back in June. Mr. Man was showing all the typical signs of adrenal gland disease and his age is estimated at about 5 years. The SPCA did not want to adopt out Mr. Man because he was considered "sick". They were prepared to do the adrenalectomy on him but had never before performed surgery on a ferret. It was felt in Mr. Man's best interest that he be brought to a ferret knowledgeable vet at the expense of our shelter, NOLA Ferrets.  Mr. Man's lft adrenal gland and his speen were removed in September 2002. When he had his surgery, he was almost totally bald. Now he has a beautiful thick coat and loves to play! His two canine teeth are totally rotten through and both of them are broken. He also has a broken toe on his right rear leg that was the result of an "old injury" - but doesn't give him any problems. He is now a permanent shelter resident because I  wanted to give him a great life - one I knew I could provide in his final years.

Lola. Lola came in with Mr. Man and bonded instantly to my little girl Nikki. They are both under one pound and loved to bounce around together. She is a cinnamon female who was under a year old. Since she wasn't "sick" so the LA/SPCA they made her a "webpet" on I had a few inquiries - but no one really serious about taking her. I was considering just keeping her until I got a response from another University of New Orleans biology major ( just like myself).  Melanie told me that she already had two ferrets and would love to have more. After meeting her, she seemed like the perfect home - so off Lola went.


Max. A week after Lola and Mr. Man came to NOLA ferrets, another ferret was surrendered to the LA/SPCA. He was in the back holding area because there was no room for him in the front where the ferrets are usually kept. It was suggested that he come into my foster care as to prevent his euthanasia. He was a gorgeous white panda who just dooked everywhere! His nails were so long they were almost cutting into his paw pads and he was filthy. He was surrendered because he was "smelly". He had no name and we estimated his age to be about 2 .
After comming to NOLA ferrets, we know had three SPCA ferrets that needed good homes. So I posted on FML. Tiffanie was a memeber of the ferret realm message board and we had come friendly through emails since she also lives in New Orleans. She saw the post and immediately responded about Max. She hadn't been interested in Lola because all of her three were under a year and she wanted them to be a little more spaced apart. Well the night Tiffanie emailed meabout adopting Max - Max got sick. Nasty diarrhea and lethargy. After some pepto, he had black tarry stools that looked like they had blood in them. Tiffanie and I agreed to split the cost of taking him to the ferret vet because, once again, the only thing the SPCA offered to do was put him down. He had a nasty case of heliobacter from all the changes in his environment. He spent 3 days at the hospital and came home to his new mom. He now has 4 other ferrets to play with and looks great! - Tiffany has his story on her website and sends me pictures all the time. 

Sweetie Pie ( aka - now Ziggy) When the people at the SPCA realized I was taking in unwanted ferrets a vet tech approached me and told me her husband's friend had a ferret that they never played with anymore and would I take it. Ok - I call the guy - he's like yeah - it's in its cage - come get it TODAY if you want it. Ok - off I go. He is living in a little tiny cage - eating dry Friskies cat food - and his little box is overflowing with feces. He has no name and was 4 years old. It was the guy's daughters ferret and she went off to college, couldn't take him so he was giving him away. He had a big belly and an enlarged spleen from years of malnutrition. He was also INFESTED with fleas. He stayed for a long time - Lola and Max went to their homes and it was just us 8 - my six, Mr. Man and Sweetie Pie. It wasn't until I got five more ferrets two months later that he got adopted to someone Tiffanie knew through the another onlinemessage board. They had two already and even though sweetie pie was old and had medical problems - they still wanted him. They also send me occasional update and I hear he's doing very well on his meds for his spleen.

Reggie - While doing medication for cats that are in the front lobby of the SPCA when I see a woman come in with a dark sable ferret. She is surrendering him. Immediatly he comes into my foster care. He got along great with everyone. I told Melanie about him ( the girl who had adopted Lola ) She wants to meet him. She and her boyfriend come over - fall in love - Reggie goes home. He was only with me about a week. Since then Melanie has paid for an exploratory surgery for him since he was suspected to be blocked. He is a very happy ferret!

Lucy and L.P. - I go to a local feed store to get litter and food when I realize it's too late to order it online before we're going to run out. So I was there playing with the babies and a woman comes up to me and says -"want two more?" and I said.. ummm - no! She told me she had gotten them for her kids and her kids don't take care of them and she really was torn - but wanted to find them good homes. I told her I have eight already at home - but if she HAD to get rid of them I would take them and find them good homes. Left her my phone #. Get a call two months later saying she's moving, can I take ferrets, she will drop off this weekend with cages, toys etc. I say fine. Lucy and L.P are two of the sweetest ferrets I have ever met. They were both under a year and very bonded to each other. The night they arrived - it brought my number up to 11 ferret and they played ALL NIGHT - you could still hear them dooking at 5 am! I thought very seriously about keeping them also.
     At this point I had 5 adoptables, so I put an ad in the newspaper - BAD IDEA. I had the most horrific people calling wanting all of them. I finally spoke to a woman who sounded decent. She had two daughters, they had had a ferret before etc. So I said fine - but they have to go together ( she only wanted 1) She and her daughters came to pick them up. I cried I missed them so much. I call the woman two weeks later to do a followup. She tells me that two was more than they could handle and they were smellier than she thought and didn't think they got enough time out of their cage and could I take them back - YES!!!! So Lucy and L.P. come back ( by the way - L.P stand for Le peu - because he smelled ) I am still thinking about keeping them. Melanie agrees to "ferretsit" Lucy, L.P while I attend Ferretstock at Rocky's ferret shelter and rescue in Maryland. Of course, she falls in love - Lucy and L.P. never come back.


Sipsina and Louie - Another vet tech approaches me about taking her cousin's two ferrets. They had been left with her by friends and the friends didn't come back for them. I was told they didn't get along with the cousin's four-year-old. So I agree to take them. Sipsina is a 4 year old LITTLE albino girl who, when you pick her up - goes right for your ears and licks them to death! Louie was a two year old sable who dooked like crazy. They both seemed very happy here. After the add in the paper fiasco, I decided to wait to adopt them until I found them a GOOD home - It didn't matter if it took months - they were happy here. Then I read about everything that happened with Never and Skittles on the ferret realm. The poor girl was so heartbroken over that little guy. When she asked about adopting - I thought she would be perfect for Louie and Sipsy.  So she comes - and of course, falls in love, takes both of them and is now spoiling them rotten.